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Our new service provides rapid testing for travellers. Select the testing facility closest to you to book a COVID test at your earliest convience.

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What is RapidScreen?

RapidScreen Services is a Lab Services broker created to offer boutique lab services to industries requiring on-time lab results for staff and contractors to allow for seamless continuity of work.   As an example, the Movie industry relies on very tight timelines and any delays in production costs valuable resources that can make or break a film.  RapidScreen removes the uncertainty in when results will come back.

What services do you offer?

- On-Site Covid swabbing
- Trained Nursing Services 
Offsite/Home swabbing of staff-Offering both naso-pharyngeal and nasal testing (where NPS are undesirable or not viable)
- Consent services for physician review and centralized reporting of all results to corporate health coordinator
- On staff physician 24-7

How long does it take for results to come back?

We offer a 6 Hour and our most popular 24 Hour result service.  We have bandwidth to increase throughput if required to maintain the timelines required by our clients.

Where are your labs located?

RapidScreen Services has exclusive access to lab multiple facilities in Canada and the US and directs its client lab tests to the closest and quickest lab facility.  Our lab results are screening results from private facilities with government approved PCR double and triple gene equipment and reagents.   This ensures your results will not get delayed by fluctuating government policies which cause backlogs during this difficult pandemic period. 

What tests do you offer?

- SARSCoV2 Antibody testing-SarsCoV2 2gene or triple gene testing (PCR Tests are 100% sensitive and 100% specific.)
- Multiplexed SarsCoV2 and Flu A/B testing

Do you offer volume discounts?

Due to the nature of costs associated with actual consumables during testing we cannot offer volume discounts.  We do waive the nursing and swab fees with weekly swabs greater than 150.  Rest assured that as our costs go down we will reduce our prices to you to remain competitive.

How booking us works


Calculate the number of swabs required


Decide if you want to swab internally or if you want swapping onsite


We can assist you to set a schedule of weekly swabbing


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Dr. Dennis Reich

Founder of RapidScreen

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Doing your job is hard enough in regular times. The COVID pandemic adds uncertainty and stress to your entire crew. 

We are team of medical professionals and logistics experts focused on helping you keep up and running with our on-time testing management services.

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